Property investment, with CEO and Founder of Inspired Assets, Martin Skinner

The idea of property investments which can deliver more profit, but don’t necessarily require a big deposit of mortgage, is game changing and very exciting.

So is the idea of more affordable units for end users, at a time when so many people who want to, can’t afford to invest in, buy or even rent a property.

In this episode, we discuss the exciting approaches being taken to open up the property market to investors and consumers, by one of the UK’s fastest growing property companies.

The Founder and CEO of Inspired Assets, Martin Skinner, explains:

  • How ‘intensifying the use’ of property assets can generate higher returns for investors, as well as delivering more affordable housing for end users
  • How indirect property investment puts power in the hands of the investor, in a more efficient way, and enables you to invest in property without a large deposit or mortgage,
  • What exciting technologies developers are bringing in to their projects, and their impact – on cost base and consumers


About the author, Anna

Anna is a property investor / developer and business owner based in London.

She's loved investment in general, and property investment specifically, since studying the topics at Cambridge.

She got started properly with her own investments on the side of her first job the City.

She loved it, and after a few years, left to run her own investment and development business ( with her business partner and podcast co-host, Stefan.

As well as working together, they have the privilege of interviewing experts in the investment field for The Return Podcast.