In this episode, Anna discusses the commercial reality in the property development space and the dynamics around the UK’s planning system with chartered planning and development surveyor and founder of an award-winning multi-million-pound development company, Paul Higgs.

The episode covers the reality behind the UK’s planning system and the potential problems regarding its application, in theory, the opportunities planning opens for investors and property developers. It looks at modern methods of construction as a potential solution to the housing shortage in the UK, land banking and whether it truly exists, and gives insights on how to unlock value through planning.

Highlights include:

The UK planning system and how it works, as well as its unique points from a developer and investor perspective

The biggest opportunities in the planning space within property in today’s market for investors and developers

The possibility for the UK planning system to protect property value for potential investors and cope with the country’s housing shortage at the same time

Tips on unlocking value in property through planning

Land banking and the potential drivers behind the concept



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