In this episode, Anna discusses how technology and theory can be used to make better investments, as well as leading multimillion-pound investment businesses whilst teaching at Oxford & Cambridge, with Professor Andrew Baum.


Andrew has combined an academic career including professorships at Oxford and Cambridge, with leading several multi-million-pound investment businesses. He is currently Chairman of Newcore Capital management, Chairman of consulting company Property Funds Research and Visiting Professor of Management Practice at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Highlights include:

  • The social obligation of investors – greedy investors don’t win!
  • The importance of fundamental principles of investment – markets are generally efficient, and there are very few free lunches, which means speculative development to sell is like gambling
  • Value investing – buy things that are worth more than you pay for them, with strong yields for the long term where possible
  • The power of options – select assets that are performing well today with great upside potential
  • The importance of never using the present tense (e.g. the stock market is rising) only ever explain what has happened (the stock market has risen)



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