Jewellery with Founder / Creative Director of one of the top contemporary jewellery businesses in the UK, Tessa Packard

Investing…made beautiful!!


If you’re thinking of buying jewellery – as a store of wealth, a balancer for other more traditional investments, or just as a gift (for yourself or for a loved one!), this episode is for you!


The Return had the privilege of interviewing Founder and Creative Director of one of the best-regarded contemporary fine jewellers in the UK.


The interview includes:

  • Top tips on how to buy well, including the questions you need to ask the jeweller
  • The importance of expression and sentiment vs raw materials, for investing in jewellery – factors that drive value, which can’t be quantified!
  • Ethics and the potential impacts of new technologies such as lab created gemstones, paving the way for the jewellery world to offer green luxury
  • Why investing in jewellery is like art… and how it’s different (“you can’t wear a canvas round your neck!”)


Listen in if you like the idea of investing in something pretty!



About the author, Anna

Anna is a property investor / developer and business owner based in London.

She's loved investment in general, and property investment specifically, since studying the topics at Cambridge.

She got started properly with her own investments on the side of her first job the City.

She loved it, and after a few years, left to run her own investment and development business ( with her business partner and podcast co-host, Stefan.

As well as working together, they have the privilege of interviewing experts in the investment field for The Return Podcast.