The Age of Anomoly: financial crises, and investing in property, crypto and gold with best-selling author, YouTuber and Economist Andrei Polgar

Andrei Polgar is a highly respected economist, investor, best-selling author and Founder one of the most popular economics platforms online, used in schools and universities worldwide…

And he believes we are set for a serious, global financial crisis.

Listen in for:

– Terrifyingly convincing evidence that we are set for a global financial storm

– What we need to know from economic history

– Why a portfolio of property, gold and crypto may be the best way to protect yourself

Andrei has just launched a book, The Age of Anomoly, which is heavily discounted during its launch – links below!

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About the author, Anna

Anna is a property investor / developer and business owner based in London.

She's loved investment in general, and property investment specifically, since studying the topics at Cambridge.

She got started properly with her own investments on the side of her first job the City.

She loved it, and after a few years, left to run her own investment and development business ( with her business partner and podcast co-host, Stefan.

As well as working together, they have the privilege of interviewing experts in the investment field for The Return Podcast.