Crowd-funding, with Davin and Atuksha Poonwassie

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Crowd funding is revolutionising the way ordinary people can invest, and opening the doors to the world of investment.

Unlike many of the more traditional approaches to investing:
1. It’s accessible… All you need is a laptop or smartphone and a small amount available to invest.
2. It lets you be part of inspiring projects and exciting products that you’re passionate about
3. It’s hassle free and flexible. You can choose when and how, and what investments you get involved with, from your living room… it can be as quick and easy as internet shopping!

In this episode, you’ll discover from Davin and Atuksha Poonwassie, founders of the fast-growing, very exciting crowd-funding platform, Simple Crowdfunding:
1. What crowd funding is all about, and the different types of crowd-funding available
2. How it works, and how you can get involved in projects your passionate about, without hassle!
3. What to look out for if you’re researching your first or next crowd-funded investment.


About the author, Anna

Anna is a property investor / developer and business owner based in London.

She's loved investment in general, and property investment specifically, since studying the topics at Cambridge.

She got started properly with her own investments on the side of her first job the City.

She loved it, and after a few years, left to run her own investment and development business ( with her business partner and podcast co-host, Stefan.

As well as working together, they have the privilege of interviewing experts in the investment field for The Return Podcast.