Crypto-currencies, with Head of Education at LBX (the UK’s leading exchange) and Founder of Bitmera, Jacob Papageorgiou

Cryptocurrencies are everywhere…The hype seems unstoppable!


If you’re interested in the idea, but risk averse, worried about con-artists, or working full time and don’t have hours to dedicate to researching new currencies, how do you avoid the fear of missing out, sensibly?


In this episode, we talked crypto with Jacob Papageorgiou, long term investor, Founder of Bitmera, a crypto education platform, and Head of Education at London Block Exchange, a leading UK crypto exchange platform.


What’s different about Jacob is that he’s relatively risk averse, starting investing as a hobby on the side of a demanding career – stepping out only when he was fully confident in the asset class, and spends months on each new investment decision, to ensure all is what it seems…


The interview includes:

–       How to define a crypto investment strategy, whether you’re risk averse or risk tolerant, using traditional investment practices such as portfolio diversification and market timing

–       The importance of research, and the crucial questions to ask before you buy, if you’re looking at crypto opportunities

–       The difference between investing in and speculating with crypto


The interview was recorded when Jacob was balancing a demanding City career with his crypto passion and portfolio. As he’s since committed fully, the interview is great for anyone looking to test an investment strategy on the side, before diving in to investing fully – in crypto or other asset classes.



  • The Internet of Money 1 and The Internet of Money 2 – Andreas M. Antonopoulos (book, audio book or youtube) – for conceptualising crypto
  • Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies – Andreas M. Antonopoulos – for a more in depth overview
  • Reddit – sub-Reddit: cryptomarkets
  • Coindesk – – for crypto news
  • Coin Telegraph – Cointelegraph Bitcoin & Ethereum Blockchain News
    Bitmera – – crypto education
  • London Block Exchange – – ‘the UK’s first dedicated cryptocurrency exchange built to help consumers and institutions join the digital money revolution’

About the author, Anna

Anna is a property investor / developer and business owner based in London.

She's loved investment in general, and property investment specifically, since studying the topics at Cambridge.

She got started properly with her own investments on the side of her first job the City.

She loved it, and after a few years, left to run her own investment and development business ( with her business partner and podcast co-host, Stefan.

As well as working together, they have the privilege of interviewing experts in the investment field for The Return Podcast.