About us

We’re Stefan and Anna, co-hosts of The Return.

Day to day, we run a property investment and development company.

We're passionate about all aspects of investment, and have been for a long time…

As kids, we invested our birthday money.

At university, we studied investment-related degrees (Stefan at Manchester, Anna at Cambridge).

We then worked in the City for 5 years, while investing on the side.

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We’ve learned a lot through investments made together and independently… and we are constantly learning more.

The motivation to start The Return came when we realised how many people we knew were turned off the idea of investing by stereotypes, myths and misconceptions about investment.

Our experience has shown us how valuable it can be to get access to good quality information and ideas about investing.

The Return aims to help open up the world of investment by sharing information in an accessible way, so that more people can learn about, benefit from, and enjoy investing.