The return Nov 18-2
The return Nov 18-2

About Us

The Return is primarily hosted by Anna, who has been a passionate investor, in particular in the UK property market, since her early twenties.

Before starting the podcast, she studied Land Economy at Cambridge, worked for 5 years in the corporate world whilst investing on the side, then founded a boutique property investment and development company with Stefan, who co-hosted series 1.

She has directly invested in c. £8m of UK property (including developing c. 60 flats and houses) and acquired c. £5m of UK property on behalf of investors (20+ flats and houses), as well as investing in other assets on the side.

The idea for the podcast came when she realised that many people who could benefit were discouraged from investing because of myths, misconceptions, doom and gloom headlines, or just because the resources and information available were inaccessible or biased.


Anna Harper

And she wanted to help change that by sharing insights, information and ideas in a more accessible way, to help aspiring and active investors stay informed, achieve more, and enjoy investing more, in particular in property, her preferred investment type.

The challenging and changing market context means that, whilst Anna still sees property as one of the best long term investments available, she believes it’s increasingly important to stay informed about what others are up to, if you’re an active or aspiring property investor.

The podcast is Anna’s way of sharing her and others’ perspectives and ideas, to help other investors stay informed, make better decisions, and enjoy investing more.