The return Nov 18-2
The return Nov 18-2

About The Host

Hi, I’m Anna Harper.

Professionally, I’m the Investment Director (and a co-founder) of Anglo Residential, a business targeting £100m of long-term UK property investment this year.

More broadly, I’ve been passionate about and focused on UK property for 10 years, since I began studying a real estate degree at Cambridge.


I first started investing in property 6 years ago as a side project, whilst working for a Big 4 Accounting firm, in business Strategy Consulting.

I had no seed funding, and not much spare time. Deal by deal, this hobby grew into a boutique investment and development business that I co-founded, and then left the City to run.


Anna Harper

I’ve acted as, and for, investors across c. £13m of UK property investment and development projects across c. 80 flats and houses.

And I’ve learned a huge amount from my own experience so far, from break-ins and boiler breakdowns to multi-million-pound investment decisions; leading 100+ (often challenging!) transactions, to have the privilege of discussing property and investment with experts in the field for my podcasts.

The podcasts I’ve hosted have had 100,000+ downloads, featured amongst the top in their categories on iTunes, and allowed me to continue to explore and share insights and quality information from experts in the field, about a topic I love.


From my own experience, I’ve learned the value of having access to quality information. I have committed to supporting the UN Global Goal of Education, to help others achieve more and help level the playing fields between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’.


My vision is to help 1 million people across the world to achieve more for themselves and their families, helping to even out disparities in opportunity based on factors none of us can control, such as gender, race or luck.


For me, reaching this vision started with a focus on investing in and providing more safe, quality, affordable homes for real people to live in. And it continues through opening up access to information about investment to empower others, through The Return: Property & Investment Podcast.


If this is something you are interested in getting involved with, or you are interested in working together, I’d love to hear from you via the ‘contact’ form.